After World War 2 and as early of 1950s, Republic of Turkey has entered into restructuring process. Acceleration of the construction sector in Turkey has been realized in those days. With this movement, GÜRİŞ was established in 1958. Since its establishment GÜRİŞ is one of the leading contracting firm of Turkey. GÜRİŞ has carried out business activities in Turkey, Middle East, Near and Central Asia, Commonwealth of Independent States and North African countries and has completed turnkey projects in a very wide range, namely in almost every field of the construction sector.

Within this process of development as a company and with the establishment of PARSAN MACHINERY COMPONENTS INDUSTRY CO. INC. in 1968 and also GÜRİŞ MACHINERY AND ERECTION CO. INC. in 1975, GÜRİŞ has incorporated his affiliates under the roof of GÜRİŞ HOLDING CO. INC. Currently GÜRİŞ is a leading brand in the region with more than 30 affiliates and 7000 employees.