This company has established in order to complete the Kütahya Health Campus, including the supply of equipment and the provision of services.

The project has been tendered on March 10th,2016 by Public Private Partnership (PPP) model and the contract has been signed on September 29th, 2016. The investment includes the supply of furniture and medical equipment and the total construction period is 2 years and the operation period is 25 years. The general hospital located in the center of Kütahya with a bed capacity of 500 will be constructed on a land of 150.000 m2. The construction area of the general hospital is 145.000 m2. The physical treatment and rehabilitation hospital with a bed capacity of 100 in Yoncali region, which is 16 km away from the center of Kütahya, located on a land of 31.000 m2 has a construction area of 37.000 m2.