PARSAN STEEL FORGING AND MACHINING COMPANY (PARSAN) was founded in 1968 and started production in 1971 in Istanbul, as a hot steel forging plant integrated with machining facilities, situated on a total land parcel of 91,123 m2, of which 27,400 m2 is covered space including die shops, forging shops, heat treatment shops, machining shops and testing labs.

Ca.70 % of its total production is for the automotive industry and include products such as rear axle shafts, brake camshafts, front axle beams, front axle assemblies, steering knuckles, tie rod arms, hub forgings, flange forgings, and universal joint forgings for commercial and agricultural vehicles. The remaining products are manufactured for mining, defense and textile machinery industries.

PARSAN produces various types of forging components with different sizes, weighing between 1 kg - 400 kg by making efficient use of its modern technology and equipment such as heavy hammers and presses as well as heat treatment, quality testing and high technology machining equipment.

PARSAN is certified by international standards ISO/TS 16949:2009, TS EN - ISO 9001 : 2008 ve ISO 14001:2004 and totally 570 well educated and experienced employees are currently working in the company.

PARSAN has proven success in supplying good quality products with best available prices to the world markets, by means of the highly efficient and dynamic production technologies in application. Ca. 80 % of the total production of PARSAN company is going to many countries such as Germany, The Republic of South Africa, Belgium, Russia, Spain, Hungary, Italy, Czech Republic, Austria, Norway, Netherlands and Egypt.

PARSAN has already proven the technological level and reliability it has reached, by supplying aircraft components as well.

PARSAN believes that it has the adequate capabilities to continue growing its share in the world markets, empowered with the technological strength, flexibility and accumulated experience and thus looks forward to the future with great expectations.