With 260 MW installed capacity, our Geothermal Power Plants which generate the largest power on annual basis in Turkey by using geothermal resources had been constructed and invested by GÜRİŞ GROUP, on behalf of its partnership GÜRMAT ELECTRIC GENERATION CO. INC. In the face of the requirement of rapid growth of population and industry, and depending on technological breakthrough, at Aydin province, Germencik country, Omerbeyli village the highest technological equipped geothermal power plant has been commissioned to take advantage of renewable energy resources that supersedes the conventional energy resources by providing equipment from the companies which are worldwide expert in their field.

We may summarize the justifications of the Project as, generalizing the usage of geothermal source as purposeful of electrical power production; to earn the geothermal energy potential available at the Ömerbeyli region to economy, as reliable, feasible and of good quality; increasing the varieties of sources which are used for power production and reducing of greenhouse gas emission, when that power is used for greenhouse cultivation; to utilize waste and protection of environment.

Regarding of the Geothermal Power plants, first time the ‘non-recourse’ finance at the project basis has been obtained. This source has been obtained from Akbank, EFG Private Bank, İş Bank, TSKB and Vakiflar Bank, under the leadership of the West LB AG. Since that is a direct financing provided for the Project, it is fairly important. Moreover, the project has been awarded with the prize of 2007 Renewable Energy Finance as well.