Since early 50’s, with the beginning of the period for world’s reconstruction after the end of World War II, young Turkish Republic started accelerating the infrastructural investments. This coincides exactly with the period when construction sector in Turkey gained a momentum.

GÜRİŞ was founded in 1958 by İDRİS YAMANTÜRK. From this date till today, our company has been active in almost every sector of construction business from tunnels to thermal power plants, rail transportation systems, dams, pipelines, water treatment plants, ports, highways, buildings, natural gas and petrochemical facilities. By accomplishing more than 100 turnkey projects, GÜRİŞ leads today a Holding with more than 30 affiliates and 7000 employees.

GÜRİŞ continues to be the one the leading groupes of Turkey in the construction, industry and energy sectors.