Who are we?

SINCE 1958


Since early 50’s, with the beginning of the period for world’s reconstruction after the end of World War II, young Turkish Republic started accelerating the infrastructural investments. This coincides exactly with the period when construction sector in Turkey gained a momentum.


By accomplishing more than 100 turnkey projects, GÜRİŞ leads today a Holding with more than 30 affiliates and 7000 employees.

Years of Experience


Our Affiliates



  • Wind Power Plants
  • Geothermal Power Plants
  • Hydroelectric Power Plants

GÜRİŞ accelerated its participation in energy projects in the mid of 1970’s. Its experience in this sector has started with the thermal power plant projects and continued up until the present, with the addition of renewable energy projects. From then on, GÜRİŞ has dedicated a considerable effort and investment in acquiring the state of the art technology through not only development of its own methodologies, but also technical collaboration with the worldwide leading companies. Furthermore, Güris is one of the very rare companies in Turkey which is able to undertake the turnkey delivery of these types of projects.


Humanity requires industries which produce the goods necessary for its comfort. As penetration of the outcome of technological developments to our daily life has accelerated more violently than ever, it is absolutely essential to construct the factories and industrial plants where those goods are produced by using meticulous and precise technologies as a natural requirement of tHESe innovations. This experience, which is an indispensable guarantee of quality and success in the provision of complete, high quality installations, make Güris the ideal civil engineering partner for the industrial world.

  • Refinery and Petrochemical Facilities
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Cement Factories


MIRAGE PARK RESORT HOTEL in Kemer, Antalya is established on an area of 110.000 m2 in Göynük where the Mediterranean Sea and pine forests embrace. The hotel has a blue flag coast and is 45 km away from the airport. MIRAGE PARK continues its services 12 months throughout the year with its 628 rooms of a bed capacity of 1296, two open swimming pools, water skis, children pools, covered swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, massage hall, illuminated 45×90 m2 size football field, and tartan ground tennis courts, mini football field, summer and winter discotheques, shopping center, 13 different congress halls, and other social facility and activities.


GÜRİŞ, starting from accommodation, which is a very basic need of today’s people, creates and improves spaces to a level of uttermost safety, efficiency and attraction such as residents, hospitals, hotels, theaters, banks, office buildings and business centers for realization of the daily activities’ of the people, not only by using the recent tools of technology, but also by taking into account aesthetical features, all in harmony with the environment.

  • Hotels
  • Housing and Business Centers
  • Mass Housing
  • Hospitals